Hey guys, long time no see! It’s been quite a while since I’ve talked to you, but  I think it’s about time for an update!

First of all, I’m mostly scrapping the old review style, members will now review games they want to individually, and when there’s a game that more than one of us want to review the same thing, then we’ll do a duo, trio, or quartet review, depending on the number of us who like the game and are willing to review it. That being said, I will be finishing the SSBB review on my own.

Something new I’ll be starting is posting recent video game (or technology related material in general) on our twitter page, if it’s big, such as a new system or something, I’ll put it on the site.

My recent activities include game design, which will be the career I pursue, I’ll put together a post describing my game at a later time.

I’ve yet to address this, but that awesome new logo you see up-top? That’s my handiwork, it took half a class period in computer class. I’m not behind, in fact I’m ahead, so it was worth it.

Anyway, the member roster has so many changes, that I need to talk to everyone again to see who’s in and who’s out.

Finally, T-shirts! please buy them, the money (for the most part) goes directly to new games for us to review, as well as new systems. Also, see those ads about the site? Don’t be afraid to click on them, we get paid per click! If you want more reviews, don’t  be afraid to click about the site, if you want them fast, donate money directly to us via the Pay Pal button in the sidebar, we’ll get nowhere fast without games to create new content with.

Well that’s about it, I hope to get a review out by the next update, in the meantime, sit tight and hang on (and click ads and buy shirts).



We're Back! 04/14/2010
Hey guys, longtime, no see! I haven’t updated in a while so…yeah, here we go! Ok, let’s start with the contest, nobody won! We didn’t get a single t-shirt idea from anyone, therefore I’ve decided to extend the contest to Saturday, May 1st and…yeah that’s that!

Ok next subject, t-shirts that do exist. We do have actual t-shirts for sale! They’re kind of expensive, but most of that money goes to Zazzle, our printer, all we get is %30. Don’t worry, the more buyers we get, the lower I’ll bring the price.

Now about our next review/major content, I’ve asked our friend Jake to do a solo/dual review of Pokémon Soul Silver with Amelia. I plan to do a video walkthrough of Super Smash Bros. Brawl: or maybe just The Great Maze, or up to The Great Maze (if you see a poll up later, then that means I’m giving you a choice, otherwise, I’ll decide myself.) Either way, I’m not fighting Tabuu again (that was pure hell)

Our YouTube channel should have a video on it when I put up this post (if it’s not I’ll tweet when it is) it’s just me and Sam fooling around with the internal mike that my laptop has during various “free time” when we got bored. It was recorded in Windows Sound Recorder, so the quality may be bad. But give me credit; I can’t do much better than that on a Dell.

And finally, I've created a new logo that should fit properly on our site, so look forward to that when I get to a computer that can upload images.

Umm……I think that’s it.

Ok, Fess Up! 03/16/2010
How many of you actually care about our contest?
in other news, I attempted to edit our title image and, in the process of doing so, lost it.
while i create a new and hopefully improved logo, enjoy fighter Kirby as our temporary mascot.
Hey everybody! No, I didn’t forget about the review, it’s just that everyone else did! I’m pretty sure they don’t take me seriously, but whatever, I’m pretty laid back about it all. What I’m actually posting this for is to let you guys know that I’m thinking about making and selling a T-shirt or two, I already have an idea for one, but I want you guys to come up with the other! So I’ll hold a contest, you guys send us images with text on them, and it might be a T-shirt for us to sell! Here are the guidelines.

-          It must be at a reasonable size.

-          ONE entry per person, we appreciate your commitment, but if you send in more than one design, I guarantee that you won’t win.

-          Your design must be original work. Both the joke and the image (if you choose to include one) must be your own work.

-          All entries must be received by Tuesday, March 30, 2010. The results will be announced that Friday.

Send your design to theunitedgamers1@gmail.com. Many (hopefully) will enter, one will win! Oh yeah you also win a free T-shirt with your design on it if you win! Good luck!

Alright just calm down, I got a complaint about the structure of my review of plot in SSBB, and I’d just like to say that I only put that up to show how I was setting up the site. I didn’t revise it, but I actually completely re-wrote my review and put up under the same link that the old review was under. Let me know if you guys want to read my…list that doesn’t deserve to be acknowledged as a review. That’s all...


P.S. I've added a paypal "DONATE" button, because everyone in the group wants to be rewarded to some extent...please, if you're willing to give 5 bucks, go ahead and click it! Thanks!
Ok, I Lied 03/03/2010
Ok, we’re back! I’m going to lie here and say that we got some complaints (even though you guys won’t comment!) on the fact that you would need MS Word to view the reviews, so I made it so that you won’t! The text of the reviews (or at least most of the text) will be posted directly to the site. A short preview and a link to the full text of that specific review will be on the word file. The links to the full texts will also be posted onto the site (don’t worry you’ll be able to read it in-browser on the site) an example of what I’m trying to do is here at My plot review of SSBB. As you can see you won’t need anything special to view the reviews (oh and by the way, my review is the only one up right now, so don’t go looking for everyone else’s reviews; they haven’t sent them to me yet)

Alright, were almost finished with our first review (which will be Super Smash Bros. Brawl…yeah) AND we have a logo/graphic/promo/ vertical banner on our site! I’ve also put up a sample for what our reviews will look like on our extras page (in order to view this or our other reviews, I’m afraid you’ll need Microsoft Word 2007, or download a compatibility pack for 97-03). We’re still only starting up so stay tuned!


Welcome! 02/03/2010

We are The United Gamers (don’t abbreviate with “T.U.G.” please) we review video games, one element at a time. The way it works is each of us will review a different part of a game out of music, graphics (for the time of the game’s release), game play, and plot (if available). I am Kendrick, the administrator for the site. me and/ or Mauricio will review story plot. Bradford reviews game play, Sam and/or Luke will review music, and Amelia will review graphics. We can’t wait to get started!

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